If you want to develop a custom based applications, then PHP is your most viable option.  Zend Framework uCertify

The success of this server side scripting language lies in its suppleness to design websites and applications with greater functionality.  It is compatible with numerous frameworks.  Zend Framework offers developers a set of libraries written in compliance with today’s best PHP-programming techniques. It is an open-source software framework for PHP5. It has a flexible architecture that lets you build interactive web applications and web services effortlessly. One of its strengths is the highly modular Model-View-Controller design, which makes the code more reusable and easier to maintain and lets you focus on the big picture. So here is a list of perks Zend framework user can enjoy:

  1. Loosely coupled: The Zend Framework can be used as a component library. This means that you can choose to use only one or a subset of components available within the framework. If you wish to use only Zend pdf you are free to do so without using other components of the framework
  2. Ease of use: By design, Zend Framework provides a simple collection of classes. You can use Zend MVC components to create a fully-functional ZF project, or you have the option to use just the components you need.
  3. Extend Classes: Zend Framework is a fully object-oriented framework, and as such, it utilizes a lot of object-oriented concepts like inheritance and interfaces. Customization of ZF allows you to create unique functionality for your project.
  4. Tooling and Rapid Application Development (RAD): The initial application setup can be tricky and tiresome and RAD offers tooling support and a command line client. This helps PHP web application by easily generating project architecture, MVC and other features.
  5. Standardized Database: Zend framework uses the best practice of standard database programs; thereby allowing PHP developers to build application models based on the database engines they require.
  6. Striking URLs: Almost all major frameworks enhances the appeal of URLs making it more attractive and easy to access.
  7. Built-in comprehensive Validators: Drop the idea of manually entering all the validation criteria for your forms. Just instantiate a new form validator object and instruct it as per your requirement and let the framework do its work.
  8.  MVC Components:  Zend framework offers Model View Controller architectural pattern to isolate business logic from user interface.
  9.  Web and CLI programming: Write CLI scripts using ZF. Zend_Console_GetOpt component provides argument parsing functionality.
  10. Enhanced Code Quality: Zend uses the trusted object-oriented design patterns, where  almost all the components can be easily extended. The components of Zend Framework are unit tested using PHPUnit. All components have at least 80% code coverage
  11. Internationalization and Localization: Since PHP web application is usually outsourced to countries like India, therefore it has become imperative to add certain languages to the web applications. This tool allows PHP developers to easily add a particular language in order to cater to the expanding markets.

No wonder, proficiency in Zend PHP Framework offers you a differential advantage. So, accelerate your career by enhancing your skills using uCertify’s Zend Framework course and labs. Pass the Zend PHP certification exam and flaunt your credentials. Act now to take the lead!

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